Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog is Saved, New Camera Will Arrive Tomorrow. Megapixels Increase Dramatically.

nancyandburt Worldwide is pleased to announce our
new partnership with the Sony Corporation. We
were sad to end our relationship with
the Canon Corporation and would like our public to
know that we parted on amicable terms.
We look forward to a long and rewarding
affiliation with Sony. We do not much care for the
Nikon corporation as they provided us with
some very shoddy equipment in the recent past.

1 comment:

LarryZ said...

If you don't put the lens cap on and let the camera rest, that big "Carl Zeiss" (said with a German accent of course) lens will follow you around where ever you are in you house or where ever. IT WILL KNOW!
Do you remember the 1970's series called "The Prisoner" It may be coming true.