Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Night.

l. How was your day?

r. O.K., I made some good tips at lunch.

l. Nobody paid any attention to my playing today.

c. So, did you get it?

l. I think I have to try a different neighborhood. Get what?

c. A summons.

l. Yeah, I got one.

r. It's working well for me outside of that restaurant, if nobody hassles me I'll try to stay there. You got a summons yesterday?

l. Yeah.

r. That's strange, I got one yesterday too.

l. Are you going to try to get out of it?

r. I don't think so, I've used up all my excuses.

c. What's your day?

r. April 15th.

l. Me too.

r. That's great, we'll mail our tax returns, then spend the day playing cards at the court house. We could go out to lunch together.

c. I'm bringing my lunch. Too many bills to pay. You wouldn't believe the pile on my desk.

r. I brought the beer.

l. I'll have to pay next week, I'm broke.

r. That's o.k., we can play together outside the courthouse at lunch and pick up some extra change.

c. Do you think they'll let us bring our instruments inside? Our horns may set off the metal detectors.

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