Friday, May 30, 2008

Huge Increase in Terra-Cotta Cost Predicted by Leading Economist.

A leading Oak Park economist is predicting that terra-cotta is about to be caught in the rising price spiral of raw materials on the world market. According to the economist, "With increasing demand for bricks, sewer pipe, teacups, teapots, vases, pitchers, flower pots and bathroom tile in rapidly expanding overseas markets, this once humble material will become a commodity that is in short supply". The economist, who wishes to remain anonymous, predicts that by next summer a 50 Pound box of terra-cotta, which currently sells for $17.40 at Dick Blick, may rise to as much as $300 dollars on the world commodities market.

"As a result of soaring steel prices, terra-cotta may soon be used to manufacture car and appliance parts in rapidly developing Asian markets." says the economist." You are about to see an explosion of economic activity centering around this material".


brandon phillips said...

glad i use stoneware.

Julie said...

Thank you for some Saturday morning smiles. Your blog is great. (Do you buy at Dick Blick? You might do better at Ceramic Supply Chicago?)