Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nancyandburt Worldwide's First Annual Theme Song Contest (With A Prize.)

During a meeting at our annual pre Thanksgiving retreat our corporate officers had a long and heated discussion pertaining to the sad fact that nancyandburt Worldwide is badly in need of a theme song. Most corporations with a worldwide reach have theme songs and since we mean to be taken seriously by the world we realized that we need one too. None of us are professional musicians so the board wisely decided to sponsor a public competition. Applicants must strictly adhere to all rules listed below (or we will throw your entry in the trash).

The Rules.
1. Theme song must be submitted in playable form (cd, mp3, etc.) Sheet music and notation will not be considered. Cassette and 8 Track tapes will not be accepted. Theme song may be emailed via the link or sent to the street address on our website.
2. Theme song must be loopable so it can be played continuously while viewing the blog.
3. Theme song may not contain any obscene or lewd content.
4. Theme song must be original, composed and performed by contest applicant.
5. Theme song should be from 40 to 80 seconds in duration.
6. Only one theme song entry will be considered per applicant.

Contest Rules.
1. Contest submissions will be judged by a jury selected by our board. Theme songs submitted by employees or relatives of nb Worldwide or the jurors will not be considered.
2. There will only be one winner and prize, there is no second or third prize.
3. Winner will be announced on March 1, 2009 on this blog.
4. Application deadline is Feb. 15, 2009.
5. Applicant must supply their legal name, address, nationality. Since this is a contest for a worldwide corporation applicant is encouraged to be a citizen of any nation in the world.
6. Winning applicant must agree in writing to release all rights for us to play the theme song on our blog and web site in exchange for the prize. No additional royalties will be paid. Applicant should be prepared to be grateful for receiving the huge amount of attention that will accrue having their theme song played constantly on the nancyandburt Worldwide blog and web site.
7. If we don't receive anything that our jurors like the theme song will be "The Sound Of Philly" Also known as the Soul Train Theme. Don't say we didn't warn you. (nancy is from Philadelphia.)

More fine print.
1. If Desmond dances to your theme song the chances of winning are greatly enhanced. See notes about Desmond at blog profile. There is a photo of Desmond "ready to dance" on the blog post of Friday August 8, 2008. You can view footage of an African Grey parrot dancing at the following link This is Desmond's general style of dancing.

2. The prize is guaranteed to be of at least one hundred dollar retail value.

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