Friday, February 29, 2008

Kiln is Loaded, Housing Prices are About to Plummet.

Although we anticipate an impending drop in interest rates, you will not
require a mortgage to purchase the single family houses that
were loaded into our glaze kiln this afternoon. These chic and affordable
domiciles will be available in our Etsy store by the end of next week.

We need a little time after the kiln is unloaded for
wire hanger installation, photography, registration of title,
drawing up the listing documents, and will
make another announcement when they become available
for a quick closing.

We will not accept any
contingency on
the sale of these houses. Houses are F.S.B.O.
Principals only, no real estate commissions will be paid.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

nancyandburt Worldwide Thanks Baltimore.

We truly appreciate our fans and collectors.
A list of retail outlets that will be carrying our
work in the upcoming year will be published
on our website in the near feature.

Great Wall Up Close.

Numerous Vessels Find Homes on The Eastern Seaboard.

nancyandburt Worldwide is pleased to announce
the relocation of many pots to homes throughout
the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. We wish them
a long life of adoration and gentle use with infrequent trips to the
dishwasher and kindness from cats and small children.

Great Wall of Pottery Opens in Baltimore.

This unusual gathering of pottery was sponsored
by Nancy Gardner Ceramics, a wholly owned
subsidiary of nancyandburt Worldwide.

burt Suffers Memory Lapse Yet Somehow Manages to Assemble Booth in Time for Baltimore Opening.

Things burt forgot.

1. Rug (purchased new floor mat at Tuesday Morning in Cleveland).
2. Ladder. Borrowed from Jenny.
3. Hammer. Borrowed from Jenny.
4. Giant jar of mixed nuts from Costco.

Things burt lent to other exhibitors.

1. One inch drywall screws to neighbor on left.
2. Double sided tape to neighbor across aisle.
3. Extension cord to another neighbor.

It takes a village to build a booth.

Vehicle Number One Joins Fleet for Cross Country Tour.

nancyandburt worldwide vehicle number one was escorted
to Baltimore by the vehicles of Jenny Mendes and
Mark Roegner of Chesterland Ohio, and Betsy
Youngquist of Rockford Illinois. Vehicle number one
resided in the Days Inn parking lot while in Baltimore
nestled comfortably between the two escort vehicles.
Though vehicle number one is feeling a bit lonely,
we are happy to report that it is safely back in the
garage at Oak Park headquarters.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vehicle Number One Visits Award Winner.

Still waiting for prize to be presented, tried to bribe with
dinner and desert. So far, luck.

Vehicle Number 1 Staging.

Vehicle number 1 ready to launch.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Vehicle Number 1 Plans Stop in Historic Chesterland Ohio.

nancyandburt Worldwide vehicle number 1 will
stop tomorrow evening for refueling in
historic Chesterland Ohio. Estimated time of
arrival is 5 pm local time. We understand
that the residents of Chesterland have grown
wary of outside agitators from the
Obama and Clinton campaigns and will do our
best to maintain a low profile. We strongly
encourage all Chesterland residents to exercise
their vote on March 4.

Reluctant Visitor is Found to Watch Nancy While Burt is Away.

Boo Radley Kiefer-Reinisch arrived this afternoon
to serve as nancy's legal guardian while burt
travels to Baltimore. Unfortunately, Boo lacks some
basic skills that would allow the shipping department to
operate while burt is away. Shipments from nancyandburt
Worldwide will be held in our warehouse until burt returns.

Standing Room Only in The Kiln

We cracked the kiln this morning and found
this uncomfortably crowded group of pots waiting to
be packed for the trip to Baltimore. Currently
the pots are in their padded shipping
containers and have been loaded into
nancyandburt Worldwide vehicle number 1.
Number 1 is fueled, had oil changed, ready to go.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog is Saved, New Camera Will Arrive Tomorrow. Megapixels Increase Dramatically.

nancyandburt Worldwide is pleased to announce our
new partnership with the Sony Corporation. We
were sad to end our relationship with
the Canon Corporation and would like our public to
know that we parted on amicable terms.
We look forward to a long and rewarding
affiliation with Sony. We do not much care for the
Nikon corporation as they provided us with
some very shoddy equipment in the recent past.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Blog Crisis, Camera Is Missing. Rescue Unlikely. Search is Suspended. Flag At World Headquarters is Lowered to Half Mast.

Have you seen this camera?

Nancy mourns her Canon and blames burt for it's loss.
Burt searches for a new camera on the internet.
"It is too soon to think about replacing
our beloved camera, it was so
young and shiny and had so much to give,
but blog must go on".

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guaranteed Vegetarian Roast Beef.

Carmen Machado crafted her "rare" roast beef from
plywood, pine, canvas, and sculpey. Be sure to zoom
in to get a better view of the glistening
meat and fat. Surfaces were created with
acrylic paint, wax, and various media.

Carmen is a student in the First Year Program
at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Click here for the behind the scenes special read.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hard Work Rewarded With TV Watching.

They were able to relax in front of the TV
and admire their pictures before the drive home through a
blinding snow storm.

A Successful Session.

There was a shoving match and a fight,
but eventually the 5 were arranged into
position for their photo shoot.

Photo Shoot Was Grueling But Successful.

Photographer Larry Sanders was fully prepared
to deal with their inflated egos.

Fab 5 Secretly Shuttled From Studio to Exclusive Milwaukee Photo Studio.

Disguised as pottery in a common plastic packing container,
the fab 5 were able to slip out of the studio undetected.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Special Read on Bloesem.

Special read on Bloesem blog, written by
The Roadside Scholar.

Snow Storm Misses 6 Houses in The Neighborhood.

Snow Storm Pummels Oak Park Studio.

5 Jars Discovered In Unauthorized Meeting.

We don't know what they were talking about, they
clammed up as soon as we entered the
studio, but we think they were discussing the
excitement of being featured on the Bloesem Blog.
Thanks Bloesem and Roadside Scholar!