Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Burt Completes Amazing Studio Cleanup.

nbWorldwide is pleased to announce the completion of what might be the most remarkable cleanup and rescue of a studio space to have taken place on the North American continent so far this year. With the help of Sam Isenstein and the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation, we were able to unearth, organize, catalog, and dispose of 22 years of accumulation at our Chicago headquarters.

We are excited to share our enthusiasm with the newly discovered knowledge that there is indeed a back door, and there are actually uncluttered surfaces to work on. Now that we know where the left-over hardware, tools, and assorted building supplies can be located, we won't have to keep buying the same thing over and over again at the hardware store (sorry about that Home Depot stockholders).

More At The Beverly Art Center.

The show is titled "Out of the West, Art From Oak Park" and features work by Nancy Gardner, Burton Isenstein, Margot McMahon, Elaine Miller, and Kathleen Waterloo.
The Beverly Art Center has a beautiful gallery with lots of natural light. It's one of Chicago's best kept secrets. This image is a small grouping of palm sized "blobs" made by yours truly. Earthenware and glaze.

Where has the year gone?

(We know it's been a while since our last blog post).
This installation and another two groups of plates can be seen at The Beverly Art Center Gallery, 2407 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60655.
The show runs through Jan 31, 2011.