Monday, May 11, 2009

nbworldwide Announces Live Blog Feed.

nbworldwide Corporate's recent investment (2.99 US) in the Blogpress app allows us to blog live with our iphone, vastly expanding coverage of the national art fair scene.

News categories will include:

1. "Under The Canopy." Up to the minute reporting of what's going on in our booth including portraits of our favorite customers.
2. "Neighborhood Report" Hourly update of what's happening in the booths around us.
3. "You Call This Food?": What's edible and what's been sitting in the sun too long and will guarantee you'll come down with a serious case of food poisoning?
4. "Fair Weather". Is it windy, when is it going to rain and are we scared to death that our booth will be torn to shreds by a micro-burst and the EZ-up next door?
5. "Gossip". Who are the stars of the show of whom everyone is jealous? How in the world did the jury pick that, what were they thinking? Did that artist photoshop their images for Zapplication?
6. "Shoe Shots" Photos of patrons footwear, tackling such serious questions as: Why do so many art fair patrons wear shoes that are too small for their feet? We'll provide on the spot analysis of the phenomenon of "Toe Hang".
7. "Dollar Discussion " Are artists selling anything (besides the guys who sell stuff on a stick), and why do they come back year after year, are art fair artists hopeful idiots?"
8. "Exit Strategies" How in the hell are we going to get out of here at the end of the show?
9. " Made in USA or What?" Who's actually having their artwork fabricated in third world countries?
10. "Celebrity Sightings" Up to the minute reports of the appearance of "The Man With the Cockatoo", exceptional art fair outfits, sightings of Oprah, members of the Obama family and Hollywood celebrities. (Does anyone know the Cockatoo's name?)
11. "Dog Patrol" Snapshots of canine fashion at the fair.
12. "Promoter Purgatory" Here you'll view creative use of space where promoters place exhibitors to enlarge their fairs: featuring artists booths in parking lots and loading docks nowhere near the show, amazing exhibits installed on 70 degree inclines, spaces that are only dry at low tide, the booth next to the park's dog-poop can, and legendary wind tunnels where thousands of canopies have been twisted and mangled over the years.
13. "Madison Art Fair on The Square Subversion Special" At this years fair, participants scattered incognito throughout the crowd will attempt to invert the direction of fair patrons movement around the capital from clockwise to counter clockwise.
14. "nbworldwide Best of Show Awards" We pick what we like the best at the show. To hell with the jurors awards, all they provide is a ribbon and some money and an invitation to return to the show next year, we provide priceless publicity on the nbworldwide blog, which would you pick if you had a choice?

(Watch out Huffington Post, here we come.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

nbWorldwide live blog feed.

Happy Mothers Day!

nbworldwide live blog feed

Sunday morning at Laumeier Sculpture Park and the crowd is trickling into the show.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

See the Giant Eyeball.

Laumeier Sculpture Park is the home of Tony Tasset's giant eyeball. It's guaranteed to stare you down no matter what.

nbworldwide Summer Artfair Debut.

nbworldwide's inaugural live blog feed at The Laumeier Art Festival. St. Louis, Mo.