Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mysterious Appearance of Giant Snail at Hoffhines Studio Garden.

Local biologists have been flocking to the back yard garden at Linda Hoffhines Studio in Union Pier Michigan since this huge gastropod was discovered this afternoon. It appears that the giant mollusc has been living off of a diet of back yard sculpture and is incorporating the bits and pieces into it's shell and carapace. Dr. M. Schilthuizen, Phd, of Midwestern Michigan University noted that "This is a most remarkable example of a terrestrial gastropod capturing, storing and exhibiting biomass. I've never seen a mollusc secrete such a colorful and highly patterned surface onto it's shell. This specimen will provide scientific researchers with many fascinating questions for years to come".

Friday, August 8, 2008

Desmond Returns From Paris.

It was a long plane ride, and he is just getting over jet lag. After a fabulous week visiting relatives from all over the world Desmond is happily settled into his back yard perch.

Ceasefire Declared With Mulberry Tree.

The backyard war with evil tree has been called to a halt. Tree has agreed to stop berry production, nbWorldwide cancelled the demolition order with Davis Tree Service. Hopefully this new found peace in the back yard will last for a while as we prepare for the final shows of the summer.