Monday, March 3, 2008

Exclusive Interview.

b. What's your name?

J. Black Jar with White Dots and Flowers.

b. That's a very long name, does this cause you any problems?

J. My friends call me BJWDF for short, I'm pretty distinctive, most everybody knows who I am.

b. What do you do for fun?

J. I mostly hang out. My favorite place to hang out is on the white shelf near the mirror. I really enjoy when people take off my lid to see what's inside.

b. Do you listen to music? Do you have a favorite T.V. show?

J. The people I live with don't have cable. I'm tired of watching PBS but I've been enjoying Dick Van Dyke re-runs lately. I'd love to live in that T.V. household and have Mary Tyler Moore dust me off every day.

b. If you could pick any time to live in when would that be?

J. That's easy. France, 1770-1780. I love the opulence and style. I can see myself hanging out with the perfume bottles and notions on Marie Antoinnette's dresser, while she was still having a good time, before things got ugly.

b. Do you have any advice for our readers?

J. Flowers are good, spring will be here soon, there's green stuff growing under the ice and snow, cheer up.

b. Thanks for your time.

J. No problem, I've got nothing but time.

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