Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jar Says Goodbye to Studio.

b. Hi, What's your name?

j. Green Jar With Two Houses and Big Red Flowers.

b. I heard you wanted to say goodbye. Any reason in particular?

j. I just got out of the kiln today. I'm about to be packed in a box with a bunch of the other pots that were in the kiln with me. They tell me we're going for a ride in a yellow truck.

b. Where are you going?

j. Someone said Iowa.

b. What are you going there for?

j. They tell me there's a really nice store where I'll meet lots of other nice pots and maybe someone who wants to take me home.

b. What's this store called?

j. I think it's called Sticks Gallery, 521 East Locust, Des Moines

b. I've heard of that place. They have lots of cool stuff. We sent some pots there a while ago, they were nice.

j. I'm a little nervous about going.

b. That's completely normal. It'll be fine.

j. What if we get lost on the way there?

b. It'll never happen. Have you ever heard of a tracking number?

j. Is that like GPS?

b. Not exactly, but kind of related.

j. Well bye then.

b. nancy told me to tell you she's gonna miss you.

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