Monday, March 17, 2008

Lobster Lady Holds Press Conference and Makes Passionate Plea. "The killer is still at large".

Lobster Lady, who lives in close proximity to the studio, convened a press conference this afternoon. She urged the Police to continue their search for the teapot murderer. "I won't feel safe until the killer is arrested. I'm intimately acquainted with everything that happens in the studio and I can assure you that none of the suspects could possibly have laid a hand on that teapot. The police are jumping to conclusions and trying to solve the case without enough evidence."

"The suspects all have alibis. The Red Teapot has been planning a vacation for months and was waiting for a bargain airfare. The twins were on their way to the annual meeting of the Multiple Birth Association in Las Vegas. They forgot to tell their neighbor they were borrowing her car. Goblet has been hitching around town for years, he's got no money, he can't get a job. Look at his face, would you hire him for anything?"

" We are all still at risk. This killer could strike again at any moment".

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