Sunday, March 23, 2008

Twins Attorney, Lobster Lady and Triplets Implicated in "Agency" Scandal

In this morning's press conference Whistleblower alleged that Lobster Lady is the head of an "agency" that has arranged numerous "meetings" between the Twin's attorney and the Triplets. The Triplets, petite blondes who weigh 2.2 ounces each and sport multi colored tails, reside on one of the many shelves in close proximity to the studio. Whistleblower showed various charges to the Lobster Agency in the amounts of ten and twenty dollars on copies of Mr. Weasel's Mastercard bill which she claims to have retrieved from the studio trash. In an off the record interview, an attorney who works for the public defenders office expressed his surprise at Mr. Weasel's behavior. "I never would have expected this type of thing from C. Robert. He's always been an upstanding citizen and truly believes in the law of the land. It must have been the stress of handling 300 cases at a time that got him into this trouble. I feel so badly for his wife and children."

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